How to stay sober...
and still have an amazing social life
So here’s the deal:
It's actually possible to still have a great social life without having a single drink. 

I've been doing it for six years.
All it takes is a couple 
small changes.

Join my 31 Day Sober With A Social Life Challenge™ and I'll show you the way.
Tell me if I'm wrong but I bet you're living with one or many of these:
✖️ Fear
✖️ Regret
✖️ Shame
✖️ Doubt
✖️ Anxiety
✖️ Depression

And, not to mention:
✖️ You're always tired
✖️ You're out of shape
✖️ Your sex life is in the tank
✖️ You're spending stupid amounts of money on alcohol and/or when you're drunk
✖️ Your performance at work has noticeably fallen off
✖️ You basically don't enjoy your life very much

You know you want to stop, or at least control, your drinking but you think that you will have to completely sacrifice your social life.

Guess what? You don't.

With my 31 Day Challenge you will:
Learn the visualization method that I use daily to achieve whatever I want, that you can use to stop or control your drinking.
✅ Lose weight.
✅ Start having sex again regularly.
✅ Have more energy.
✅ Be more productive.
✅ Learn how to socialize without getting hammered and embarrassing yourself.
Hard Truth #1
Pushing it off does nothing except, well… push it off, ....and off, ...and off… until it never happens and you’re doing the same, self-destructive, things for another week, months or years.

When it came time to face my demons and stop drinking and doing copious amounts of cocaine, the day was 11/21/12. It was ALMOST the end of the year. Thanksgiving was a few days away, my birthday was a few weeks down the road, Christmas and New Year's Eve were on the horizon. I thought about waiting, continuing down the road, pushing it off until January; that was actually my plan. That’s not how it happened though and it’s why it’s so important to make a change NOW.
What Happened
The decision ended up being made for me. I, literally, couldn’t go on one more day, one more hour, one more minute. All those plans I had of waiting to make the change that I knew deep down needed to be made blew up like a mushroom cloud at Hiroshima. 

It was 4am, I was fear stricken, my anxiety skyrocketing through the mesosphere, I wasn’t going to make it until 8am much less January 1st.

I ended up in the psych ward for Thanksgiving, a detox center for my birthday on December 5th and a rehab center in Michigan for Christmas and NYE. 
So that decision was made for me not by me.

I’m offering you a chance to make that decision on your own, for yourself. 

Try 31 days without drinking or doing any drugs and just see what happens. See how much better you feel, how your life improves, how your relationships get better and more meaningful.

Don't wait one more weekend, or one more day, or until this decision is made for you, not by you. 

The time is NOW, make the decision.
Hard Truth #2
If drinking is proving to be a problem for you and you push it off until January 1st, or Monday, or tomorrow, your playing with fire. 

Tonight when you drink could be the night that you end up with a DUI, the last straw in your relationship, that you ruin your career, or that you die.

You might be thinking that your social life will be over without alcohol, that you won’t be able to do all the things that you love to do. How am I going to go on dates sober? What about football Sunday? But my favorite band is coming to town next week.

Not to worry, I got you. You can still do all the things that you love to do. I have a developed a custom visualization technique to help you keep living your life.
What You Get In
31 Day Sober With A Social Life Challenge™ 
✅ Access to the private Facebook group Sober with a Social Life.
✅ 3x/week emails based around mindset, common questions, and strategies to handle your social life sober.
✅ 3 Easy to do, 30-minute, full body workouts and nutrition tips along the way
3rd week 30-minute check-in call to answer any questions that have come up for you.
The Telos Lifestyle Visualization Method™ that has helped hundreds of people continue to live their life to the fullest without alcohol.
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